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  • YouTube Mastermind Course

    The fee to access The YouTube Mastermind course is $500 per person
    • How to use Youtube to your advantage.
    • How to film Youtube videos
    • How to create search terms in your youtube videos for SEO
    • How to Monetize your Youtube channel to Grow
    • Video techniques to create unique footage to capture viewers
    • How to write Video titles & Descriptions using keywords
    • How to become Confident on camera & speaking skills
  • Courtney's Private Hardwood Group

    Every month
    Perfect for beginners - 1 Year monthly plan - 12 month contract commitment
    Valid for 12 months
    • Exclusive Customer Support for Questions & Troubleshooting
    • Access to over 100 hands-on training videos
    • Access to Exclusive Discounts for Cleaning products
    • Access to Exclusive Discounts for Polyurethane & Equipment
    • Access to other LIKE-MINDED individuals
    • FOCUS on Wood Floor maintenance & Build
    • WORK LESS & MAKE MORE with a unique process
  • How to Maintain Wood Floors Course

    The fee to access The Zoom Hardwood Floor maintenance course is $600 per person
    • How to to Clean & Buffing showing which pads and cleaners
    • What products, pads & techniques to remove acrylic wax build
    • Knowing which pads & screening to use & NOT use on hardwood
    • LIVE demonstration of how to properly Screen, Clean & Prep
    • How to recoat a Wood Floor using a Roller, T-Bar or or Trim
    • ( BONUS ) John Braun who's a independent On-line & Off-line

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