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Truman is the only company offering this technology in GA!


Truman’s Ultraviolet (UV) finishes revolutionized the world of floor finishing by harnessing the speed of light. These finishes are ideal for maintaining the flow of a bustling family home or refreshing the hardwood floors of busy restaurants without disrupting business operations.

While non-UV finishes offer their own advantages, they can't match the rapid curing and quick usability of UV finishes. For instance, oil-based polyurethane finishes require a lengthy eight to 10 hours of drying time.

Non-UV waterborne finishes need a more manageable two to four hours between coats but often necessitate more coats than their oil-based counterparts. Natural, penetrating oils need one to two days to dry, and all these finishes require several days to a few weeks to fully cure. Conversion varnishes are also time-consuming, requiring two hours of drying time per coat and up to two months to cure.

With Truman’s UV finishing expertise, wood flooring contractors can transform a coffeehouse, bar, or restaurant during off-hours, working efficiently during the night to minimize downtime. In a single night, professionals can sand and refinish the floor, ensuring the business is ready to welcome customers the next morning.

Truman is the only company offering this technology in GA!

Truman's UV finishes offer a range of benefits for wood floors, providing both durability and convenience. Unlike traditional waterborne finishes, Truman's UV finishes are gaining popularity for their innovative site-cured, oil-based formulations.


One key difference between UV-cured finishes and other waterborne finishes lies in how they "crosslink." Crosslinking is the process by which components in the finish bind together to enhance durability and other properties. While one-component finishes crosslink with oxygen from the air and two-component finishes use chemical compounds like polyisocyanates or polyfunctional aziridines, UV-cured finishes rely on photoinitiators that are activated by UV light.

One of the most significant advantages of Truman's UV finishes is their instant usability. Once cured by a flooring professional using a portable UV light system, the floor is immediately ready for use. This quick usability not only allows homeowners and business owners to resume their routines promptly but also prevents early-use damage that can occur during the curing period of other finishes.

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Traditional finishes that haven't fully hardened are susceptible to damage from everyday activities, such as pet scratches, furniture movement, and cleaning. Truman's UV finishes eliminate this vulnerability by curing instantly upon contact with UV light, providing maximum durability from the outset.

In terms of drying time, Truman's UV finishes are similar to other waterborne finishes, typically requiring one to three hours. However, their unique curing process sets them apart from non-UV products, offering unmatched durability and convenience for wood floor finishing.


Product Description

Radcoat®RX is an instant cured, non-yellowing, UV waterborne urethane containing MICROPEL® antimicrobial protection.  Formulated for onsite, heavy commercial applications, where down times are limited. This polymerization technology yields a coating with excellent scuff, scratch, abrasion and chemical resistance. Since Radcoat® RX cures instantly with UV light, your floors can be fully cured and returned to normal service immediately and formulated as an advanced antimicrobial protective wear layer on commercial, residential, and retail applications.


Extra Durability:

Truman's UV finishes offer exceptional durability, exceeding conventional two-component finishes by 40 to 50 percent. This enhanced durability not only provides immediate protection against early-use wear and tear but also ensures long-term resilience, significantly extending the life of the wood floor.

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Environmental Safety:

In addition to their durability, Truman's UV finishes prioritize environmental safety. They are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which enhances indoor air quality and creates a safer environment for floor owners. The increased durability also contributes to a longer finish and floor lifespan, reducing the overall impact on the floor's life cycle.

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Minimal Contractor Time on Job:

Another advantage of Truman's UV finishes is their efficiency, which benefits both owners and contractors. The quick curing process means less time spent on the job site for contractors, allowing them to move on to their next project sooner. This minimizes disruption for owners, as they can comfortably accommodate contractors with minimal interference in their home or business.



MICROPEL® Antimicrobial Protection

UV Cure Technology

Maximum Durability

Outstanding Chemical Resistance

Crystal Clear Clarity, Non-yellowing

One Component, No Waste

Environmentally Friendly

VOC Compliant

Fully Cured: Immediately following UV cure


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Truman Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Cleaning is The ONLY Certified company in the Atlanta metro area trained by Procoat

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